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Sweetcane Apartments

Embassy Bookings

Need help getting a US Embassy booking ? ?

We know that contacting the US embassy from overseas can be one big headache. The phone is always busy and you have to dial about fifty times before you get through to the operator.


Well worry no more! We provide a FREE service of contacting the US Embassy in order to assist you with an appointment date for an interview. You may also specify the date that you would like and if it is available, we would try to get that date for you.

All we need is some simple information from you  such as

  • Full Name

  • Nationality

  • Passport Number

  • Telephone Number        NB: Must not be a cell phone number !

We cannot guarantee that you will be successful at the interview but we will make your stay in Barbados enjoyable

If you have a query regarding embassy bookings please dont hesitate to contact us by email.


There is something SWEET about Sweet Cane Apartments

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