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Sweetcane Apartments

Local Attractions

The area has several attractions to visit while you are enjoying your stay with us.

Harrison’s Cave is truly an "awesome wonder!". For a cost of US $12.50 visitors are driven in electrically operated trams down through the extensive system of caves. They will view many acts of nature including stalagmites and stalactites and at the lowest level point in the cave, visitors are invited to leave the tram and walk alongside a spectacular waterfall which plunges into a deep pool below

The GAP is one of the most popular night areas for times of fun and entertainment. Located in the GAP are several restaurants and night spots such as Cafe Sol, McBride's, Jade Garden, The After Dark and Ship INN

Beaches abound everywhere and you can collect a tan as well as relax the stress away under clear blue skies.

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Or you can take part in several tours such as Flower Forest, Folkstone Underwater Park, national park and wildlife reserves and voyages on the Atlantic submarine which offers an unforgettable undersea expedition! Choose from a variety of tours including a night dive and a power snorkelling adventure.
Also now open is Ocean Park which is a unique attraction bringing the spectacular underwater world of Barbados to all - without having to get wet!Ocean Park displays a fascinating collection of freshwater and tropical marine life of the Caribbean in a way that is exciting, unique and educational.

Another choice is Highland Outdoor Tours, a new company in Barbados which runs "Scenic Safari Hikes" for nature minded visitors seeking to experience the lush, picturesque interior of the island.

The full day program begins with a fresh fruit breakfast at the Highland Outdoor Tour Center, a thousand feet above sea level. Hikers move at a leisurely pace through woods, plantations, and estates in order to fully enjoy and photograph flora, fauna, rock formations, natural springs, and the varied landscape of hills and farms. The cultural heritage of Barbados is represented by Bajan folk songs, games, food ( a three course traditional planters lunch ), and drink. Tours on horseback and tractor drawn jitney are also available.

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